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Last year, i was really excited to announce that Fake Four had given me back, the control of the masters of “This Is Our Science”, which was excited for two reasons:

1. It meant we had sold enough records to fulfill our contract with them (something i have NEVER done before)
2. It meant that the album now belonged to me, all sales went to me, and i could do whatever i wanted with it. (another something that has never happened before)

Both of those fantastic somethings would not be possible if were not for a whole bunch of really amazing people coming together and collectively giving a damn about me and my work, it was a such a thrill for me to feel like i had really earned my place in this work, and i could always hold that one album up and say, “this is mine! i made it. i own it. people like it!!!”  Well, a few months after that wonderful bit of news cam down the pipe, we got an email from the fella who owned our first record label “Fighting Records” (the small, short-lived, indie label out of Orlando that gave me my first deals), and he had decided, just out of the kindness of his own heart, he wanted to give me back my first two records…just because.  I was floored.  It wasn’t a thing he had to do, or needed to do, but was immeasurably kind of him to do so.  So, for those who are keeping score at home…The list of the recording masters i own the right to are:

Astronautalis – “You and Yer Good Ideas”
Astronautalis – “The Mighty Ocean & Nine Dark Theaters”
Astronautalis – “This is Our Science”

(3 outta four ain’t bad?)

If you haven’t heard all of those records, now is a pretty dang good time to do so, because when you download them albums from ANY of your favorite download sites, it supports me directly.  Just like buying from me right at the merch booth (minus the sweaty hugs)!  if you HAVE already heard those albums…buy em for someone else?  or buy another copy for yourself, so you fill up a giant vault with my mp3s and swim around in the data like Scrooge McDuck?

in celebration of all this awesome news!  i am putting out some awesome unreleased tunes for FREE to the first 1000 people who can get at them!

1. “This City Ain’t Just a Skyline” – an unreleased track from the “This Is Our Science” Sessions)
2. “Dimitri Mendeleev (Paper Tiger Remix)” – a fantastic dance music flip done by the Doomtree Don!
3. “Contrails (Jel Remix)” – a hella grimey remix of that pretty pretty jammer, done by the homie, the hero, the man among men, Jel from anticon records.

Yup,  go get em!  HURRY! cause, once them free downloads are gone, you’ll have to shell out the $2.97 on iTunes like all the other plebes!

Hope you enjoy the tunes, y’all!  Because i have thoroughly enjoyed the last decade of my life, and continue to be pleasantly surprised by the depths of y’alls love, kindness, and support.  I, quite literally, could not do this without you.
Expect a lot more weird releases like this coming up, while i start to head into the studio to finish my next record…yup…that is happening!

Thanks for giving a damn!  See you on the road.

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